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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MSU News for Ag - Fruit 7/12/11

The following articles can be found at: http://news.msue.msu.edu/news/category/fruit

Apple maggot alert for west central area growers

Jul 12, 2011 | Mirjana Bulatovic-Danilovich | Rain from Monday, July 11 induced apple maggot emergence in Mason County. This is some 12 days earlier than last year.

Regional reports on Michigan fruit – July 12, 2011

Jul 12, 2011 | MSU Extension educators’ pest and fruit updates for Michigan

Cherry leaf spot and tart cherries prior to harvest

Jul 12, 2011 | Erin Lizotte, Nikki Rothwell, and George Sundin | Early cherry leaf spot infections increase the risk of epidemic infection levels in the north.

High-tunnel meeting planned for August 3

Jul 12, 2011 | Diane Brown | Join us August 3 for a twilight meeting to learn more about adding fruit and vegetable production in high tunnels to your farm.

Time to renovate strawberries

Jul 12, 2011 | Eric Hanson, Mark Longstroth and Bob Tritten | Developing a strong stand early with fertilization and irrigation while managing weeds and insects insures a strong start on next year’s strawberry crop.

Mid-summer grape disease update

Jul 12, 2011 | Annemiek Schilder | Carefully scout for grape diseases, especially downy mildew, powdery mildew and black rot.

Predicted 2011 apple harvest dates

Jul 12, 2011 | Phillip Schwallier and Amy Irish-Brown | Erratic weather conditions set predicted apple harvest days two to seven days behind normal.

Comparison of fruit sampling methods for spotted wing Drosophila in blueberries

Jul 12, 2011 | Rufus Isaacs | In a recent MSU study, the boiling method was found to be most effective when sampling blueberries to detect contamination of spotted wing Drosophila.

Managing Japanese beetles in fruit crops

Jul 12, 2011 | Rufus Isaacs and John Wise | View the different control methods and insecticide, including organic, options for minimizing Japanese beetles on your farm.