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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012/2013 MSU Extension Winter Dairy Programs

Please see the General section of the Documents tab for the winter dairy program and calendar.

Visit the MSU Extension Dairy Team website at http://dairyteam.msu.edu/ for more information on educational programs, articles, fact sheets and resources for Michigan’s Dairy Industry.

MSU Extension Dairy Educator Contacts:
Faith Cullens              St. Johns                     989-224-5249                       cullensf@msu.edu
Phil Durst                   West Branch              989-387-5346                       durstp@msu.edu
Kathy Lee                   Lake City                     231-839-5850                       leeka@msu.edu
Stan Moore                Bellaire                       231-533-8818                       moorest@msu.edu
Craig Thomas             Sandusky                    810-648-2515                       thomasc@msu.edu
Frank Wardynski       Ontonagon                 906-884-4386              wardynsk@anr.msu.edu

MSU Extension Dairy Specialist Contacts:
Mike Allen                              Nutrition                    517-432-1386           allenm@msu.edu
Dave Beede                            Nutrition                    517-432-5400           beede@msu.edu
Adam Lock                             Nutrition                    517-353-8714           allock@msu.edu
Ron Erskine                            Animal Health           517-353-4637           erskine@cvm.msu.edu
Ted Ferris                               Genetics                     517-355-8442           ferris@msu.edu
John Partridge                       Food Processing        517-355-7713           partridg@msu.edu
Richard Pursley                     Reproduction             517-281-7289           pursleyr@msu.edu
Chris Wolf                              Economics                  517-353-3974           wolfch@msu.edu
Miriam Weber-Nielson           Management             517-432-5443           msw@msu.edu

You can find any MSU Extension employee at: http://expert.msue.msu.edu/
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