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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Information about Late Blight for Gardeners

Growing tomatoes and potatoes in the home garden can be fun and rewarding, but with it comes responsibility to understand the importance of late blight. This is considered a “community” disease because the pathogen is highly contagious and very destructive. When late blight is not effectively managed in a planting, even a small garden, the pathogen can destroy not only those plants, but it can spread to other plantings, including those of farmers who depend on successful crops for their livelihood. This disease cannot be “lived with” unmanaged. Fortunately late blight occurs sporadically in many areas, and thus prompt action when an outbreak occurs can minimize pathogen spread and potential of an epidemic ensuing, as occurred in 2009 in the northeastern US.

Click here to obtain Brochure on Late Blight and its Managment.