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Monday, July 6, 2015

Poultry Project Summary for the 2015 Hillsdale County Fair

Possession Dates:  July 15 – All poultry (except meat chickens)
August 20 – Meat chickens

May 9th is 140 days and August 2nd is 56 days!

The following are weight and age requirements.  All dates are age at day of check-in.

Ducks:           Meat – 2 (same sex)    ~ Minimum weight 4 lbs. ea. Age - less than 140 days

Geese:          Meat – 2 (same sex)    ~ Minimum weight 6 lbs. ea. Age - less than 140 days

Turkeys:        Meat – 2 (same sex)    ~ Minimum weight 15 lbs. ea. Age - less than 140 days

Chickens:      Meat – 2 (same sex)    ~ Minimum weight 7 lbs (total of both birds).
                                                           ~ Age - less than 56 days

                      Production – one dozen eggs from your birds

~ Poultry check-in time is for non-market classes is Saturday, September 26th, from 7:30 - 10:30am, at the Small Animals Barn at the Fairgrounds.  You must be in line by 10:30am with your completed project report(s).  Show starts at 1:00pm.

~ Poultry check-in time for market classes is Thursday, September 24th, from 5 - 8pm, at the (MSU Extension Office - tentatively).  You must be in line by 8pm, with your completed project report(s).

~ No sick birds will be showed.  Also birds need to be clean and dry at check-in.  All birds brought to the market show will be sent to processor at owner’s expense!  If you are disqualified or receive a C ribbon, you birds will not be sold at the auction.  The charge per pen will be $18 for chickens and $27 for ducks, geese and turkeys, due at time of check-in, cash only.

~ There will be No market Champion, Overall Poultry or Bird Club Exhibits.  Show order will be by normal club rotation.

~ Remind buyers that they are getting processed & frozen birds this year.  If shipped they will be donated to local food banks.

~ Show rules remain in effect for all shows.

Project reports need to contain the following items:

1.    One project report is required per species (Chicken, Turkey, Pigeon, Duck, Goose).

2.    Pictures of projects need to be taken on or before possession date with both project     and member.

3.    Proof of date of hatching, from the hatchery or breeder.

4.    Copy of sales receipt or proof of purchase, on or before possession date.

Please be sure to acquire and read your Fairbook and the Poultry Supplement.  This book provides all rules and requirements and the answers to many questions.  It is also what we will refer to when answering fair questions.

Questions call: Poultry Superintendent:  Sandy Rodgers       517-869-2619
                                                Assistant:  Lucas Gabbard      517-240-1281