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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Influenza H3N2v

Pigs may be infected with swine influenza viruses that are different than human flu viruses. Swine flu viruses spread among pigs and  - while rare – they can spread from pigs to people too. Spread of swine flu viruses from a pig to a person is thought to happen in the same way that human flu viruses spread; mainly through droplets from infected pigs coughing and sneezing. This has happened in different settings, especially at fairs where pigs from many farms come in close contact with each other and with people.
With bio-security and personal hygiene measures the spread of flu between people and pigs at Fairs can be reduced. For information on risk factors and recommendations on reducing the spread of influenza viruses between pigs and people, the following fact sheets have been posted under the documents tab:
1.       Influenza H3N2v: Key Facts for People Exhibiting Pigs at Fairs
2.       Take Action to Prevent the Spread of Flu between People and Pigs at Fairs